Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. If you have not made a valid Will, your property will pass according to the rules of Intestacy.

This may not be what you would have wished. In any event, it is likely to take longer to finalise than if you had made a valid Will.

Prices from £150 includes a home visit


Funeral Plans Plus

The Benefits of a pre-paid Funeral Plan
A Plan lets you pay for a future funeral at today’s price, protecting you against rising funeral costs and helping you to leave more behind for your loved ones.

It helps protect your family from emotional and financial stress by allowing you to make your wishes known and get your affairs in order.

Funeral costs have been quoted between £4,000 and £5,000 in Oxford and are expected to reach more than £6,000 by 2024


Plans start from £1895 for the simplest Direct Cremation plan and our most popular  funeral plan at £3795



Writing Letters

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions on your behalf, should there come a time when you either are unable to carry out the tasks or lack the mental capacity to do so yourself. ‘Mental capacity’ means being able to make decisions.

They could be about everyday things like what to wear or when to pay a bill or more important decisions like making a will and deciding where to live.


Someone can lack mental capacity because of an injury or condition, such as a car accident stroke or dementia. Some people may have the capacity to make decisions about some things but not others or their capacity to make decisions may change from day to day.

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Probate has become the term commonly associated with handling an individual's estate after they've died but it is just one component of administering an estate. Estate administration is so much more. It’s the process of sorting out a deceased person’s legal and tax affairs. Everything from bank accounts, belongings and property to debts, pensions and Inheritance Tax. 

Whether their estate is simple or complex, the issues faced with the death of a loved one are rarely straightforward. That’s why Jacobsen Black Legal Services Ltd has partnered with Kings Court Trust, our preferred provider of estate administration, to deliver an estate administration service.


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Your Will is the most important document you will ever make and what do you do with it once you've signed it needs careful consideration. By choosing to store your Will and legal documents in a secure storage facility provides peace of mind. Countess wills are damaged lost or accidentally destroyed every year causing untold issues for those left behind when trying to obtain probate and administer the estate.


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Trusts have been around since medieval times and are used to protect family assets and for minimising potential tax liability on future generations.


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