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Dying Matters Awareness Week starts Monday!

We’ve only a few days from Dying Matter’s Awareness Week, which starts on Monday. It’s going to be a very different Awareness Week, with COVID-19 preventing any of the hundreds of events from happening. But there’s still quite a few things happening online- you’ll find a variety of events on the website and if you are holding your own, please upload them here.

As we’re asking everyone to commit to having a conversation about dying, death or grief, we have a range of resources for you to use to help you do this, including social media banners, pledge cards and apresentation detailing the Dying Matters campaign. Our2020 leaflets have been downloaded over 18,000 times, which is more than expected and very encouraging. 

We'd also love for you to get involved with our online pledge wall.  Make a pledge and share it here - it can be anything from plan your funeral, start the conversation, or just listen. Why not share part of your funeral playlist?

We are hoping for some media coverage as we’ve done some very interesting polling about how the coronavirus is changing attitudes to death and grief. Keep an eye out for that next week. 

The London Funeral Choir have been recording people’s funeral songs during the lockdown, so that people unable to attend a funeral can still listen to the choice of “final song.” They’re going to record something for Dying Matters Awareness Week, and you get to choose which.

Also, as usual, we will have themed days throughout Awareness Week that you can follow along with and participate in on social media. These will be:

Monday– Traumatic and sudden death

Tuesday– Carers

Wednesday– Homelessness

Thursday– Stillbirth and miscarriage

Friday– Mental Health 

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