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This is your chance to put your affairs in order and protect those closest to you from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral. It may not be a cheery thought, but it is certainly very comforting to know your funeral services are taken care of and you won’t be a burden to your family or friends at an upsetting and difficult time.


funeral plans are provided by our selected partner SafeHands, one of the UK premier funeral plan providers.

It is important that customers investments are safe and secure. Maximum care has been taken to ensure the fund in which customers monies are invested complies with all current legislation. The trust fund is independently managed by Pitmans Trustees Limited, none of Safe Hands, directors or staff are connected to the trust and the assets of the fund is managed by UBS - a multinational investment management firm.

Plan Details

Peril is ideal for those who want a relatively simple funeral, but one that gives loved ones the reassurance of the traditional, dignified, ceremony, with no compromise on the expected levels of care and attention.

The plan includes a £1200 allowance to contribute towards disbursements third-party fees. These are the cremation fee (or the interment fee, if burial), the doctor's fee, minister's/celebrant's fee for the service at the crematorium (or at the graveside, if burial). It also guarantees that no matter how long you live, there will never be anything further for your loved ones to pay towards the funeral directors fees and services listed below:


  • Care and preparation of the deceased

  • A simple, veneered coffin with nameplate

  • A funeral hearse plus bearers

  • 24-hour collection of deceased, and transfer to funeral home\Chapel of rest (within 25 miles)

  • Organising the service at the crematorium\Cemetery

  • Family support guidance provided by the funeral director

  • Funeral procession from home\funeral home to crematorium\cemetery

  • Time of funeral agreed between funeral director and family

  • Visits to Chapel of rest permitted at any time, subject to an appointment with the funeral director

What's included in the Sapphire plan that isn't included in a Pearl?

One following limousine

What's included in the Ruby plan that isn't included in a Sapphire?

Oak effect veneered coffin, with nameplate
two following limousines

What are the limitations  of the Topaz option?

Excludes any allowance for disbursements/3rd party fees. These are elements that contribute to the overall cost of a funeral, but which are outside of the funeral directors control. They include the cremation or internment (burial) fees, doctor's medical fees, and ministers fees. With the Topaz option, the disbursements/3rd party fees would need to be paid directly to the funeral director at the time of the funeral.

Commitment to Quality

The direct cremation plan is the most basic, and therefore most affordable of all our funeral plan options. Here at safe hands funeral plans we understand that not everyone wants an extravagant or elaborate funeral. To many, there seemed little sense in spending heavily on what will be their final journey. In response to this, safe hands funeral plans offer extremely pared-down funeral plan that covers the most simple funeral elements, as listed below:

  • Collection of the deceased (from anywhere in the UK at no additional cost)

  • Storage of the deceased at Chapel of rest, pending cremation

  • A simple coffin with nameplate

  • Transport of the deceased to the crematorium

  • Crematorium fees

  • Doctors fees

  • Return of Ashes to designated individual

what are the limitations of the direct cremation option?

  • There is no service for loved ones to attend or pay their final respects

  • There is no Chapel of rest viewing

  • The funeral director, and the crematorium used, may not necessarily be local and are chosen at the discretion of the safe hands funeral plans

  • cremation only (cannot be adapted for the burial)

Payment Options

  • Single payment

  • Monthly instalment Options

  • Over 12-24 months (no handling Fee)

  • 36-60 or 120 months (subject to instalment handling flat fee of 4% pa)

  • Pay by Cheque-Debit card-Credit Card-Bank Transfer