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About Jacobsen Black – Estate Planning


Wouldn’t it make life a lot easier if you could engage a trusted and knowledgeable individual to help you with end of life planning, either for yourself or your loved one? Now you can.


Getting older brings a seemingly never-ending stream of difficult decisions. Dealing with failing health or mental capacity brings practical challenges with living arrangements, changing care needs and financial decision-making. After that, planning for end of life means thinking about funeral costs and arrangements as well as ensuring wishes are followed regarding the estate after death.


For some individuals or families, it makes sense to take advantage of independent specialised help to ensure that what happens meets with individual hopes and wishes. From professional support with the legalities such as lasting power of attorney or writing a will, to more personal guidance and advice on dealing with social services or whether to sell a home before or after death, to practical arrangements such as funeral planning – a broad range of assistance is required.  


Many people believe they simply have to navigate all of this alone. That is no longer true.


David Hurn of Jacobsen Black offers a confidential, personal estate planning service for clients based in Oxfordshire. Support is tailored entirely to suit you, your family, and the level of interaction you require, and it all depends on each individual set of circumstances.  


A common misconception is that you have to pay an expensive solicitor to put in place lasting power of attorney or to write a will. This is not the case. David is a member of The Society of Will Writers and has the professional experience and skills to do both of these for you at a more reasonable fee. A solicitor would be needed to sign off on probate, but that is the only part of the process that needs this type of support.


First and foremost, David will take time to understand what you and your family want to happen. This means sitting down, usually in your home, to talk about your wishes and preferences. The process is best viewed as a journey. So, for example, at the outset you or your loved one may wish to make all the decisions, but at some point, it might be preferable to transfer responsibility to someone else. With David’s support, that journey is mapped out and the path is put in place to ensure a smooth transition for everyone concerned.


This personalised approach applies throughout. Although David does work with trusted partners for specific elements such as funeral arrangements or probate, he is your single point of contact from the beginning and during the weeks or months to come. This means that you only discuss confidential or delicate information with David, not with a firm of solicitors or multiple contact points.  Ultimately, it means you can be sure that at every stage, there is a professional on hand who has your best interests at heart.


So, if you are thinking about what the future holds and would like reliable, experienced, independent assistance to navigate the many decisions ahead, then it’s time to talk to David.